Magnifo is a company that gives continuous support to their customer with their extensive accessibility constructed by using all the facilities, despite they are located abroad. During our project, they let us enough level of support, met our demands and mutually exchanged information. We are very pleased to work with Magnifo in BSC and Competence projects and we’d like to work with them in other future projects.

Oğuz Erdoğan,

Director of Human Resources
/ DeFacto
As Mobilexpress, our decision to work with Magnifo was made quite diligently. Now, evaluating the system that has been established and the process that was gone through while doing so, I can comfortably conclude that the decision was the right one. Our partnership with Magnifo has so far been efficient and will hopefully continue to be so; mainly due to the presence of three critical elements within the partnership : effectiveness of the communication between the teams, as much availability as needed from both teams for the accomplishment of the final goal and high project ownership with constant focus on achieving the best possible outcome. Our partnership with Magnifo is still continuing and I am sure more success will follow in the future.

Zeynep Şener,

General Manager
/ Mobilexpress
We have worked with Magnifo on implementation of project. As a business partner, they have developed our site and gave an extensive support to our teams about evolution of the web site including their contribution on contents and design using their advanced professional knowledge and capabilities. We worked together for a long development, implementation and testing process. During this period, they were with us when we have a question or when we need help with their trustful solutions. Our relation with Magnifo turned into a long term partnership and friendship. The distance is not a barrier when we need them. We are extremely delighted with our partnership.

Mehtap Arsan,

General Manager
/ Profesyonelim
I was positively surprised by the project management and technical skills of the team at Magnifo. Despite the complexity of our project, Magnifo successfully delivered a first-class product. They were at any time professional and were always there when I needed them. I can strongly recommend working with Magnifo.

Erdem Çelik,

/ 2dk Casual Game Company
During development of web site, Magnifo has done admirable work in terms of their involvement, devotion and innovation. About the desired changes and fixes they constantly approached with patience and understanding. They were trying to enjoy and appreciate their work primarily themselves. In this respect, they have a work style that does not burdening the customer and that does not need much explanation. They are working rigorous and uncompromising about using latest technologies, security and bug-fixing. The post deployment software support they are giving is extremely fast and excellent. Magnifo has teams and working principles to work with in confidence. We wish them success in their future projects.

Mustafa İlker Dabak,

General Manager
Magnifo has analyzed the needs and demands of Quattro Business Consulting and developed a web site for us by combining their experience with the demands of Quattro. The web site developed for Quattro by Magnifo has been conducive to our needs and demands and also it is suitable for visitors to recognize the Quattro and to access freely to the information they seek on the web site. We can say that, the key factors differentiating Magnifo from other companies serving in this sector are the support they gave us by contacting to us immediately in meeting the demands and in updating the web site, timely and in budget completion of the site, their expertise, their subject mastery and the skills about quick, practical and nominative solutions development.

Hande Ocak Başev,

Managing Partner
/ Quattro Business Consulting
Because of their fast and first class work on our website, Magnifo is now our first choice for our next projects.

Serkan Tunç,

/ Denimist
As a result of long research, Magnifo technical team has revealed how we should offer the key information in our web site such as our corporate structure, our history, our place in the sector, and what we can do in the field. They have quickly and practically reflected our demands to the web site. Their technical support after the project is still going on. We are pleased with their service and grateful to them. I would strongly recommend this team.

Ekrem Keleş,

Director of Corporate Marketing
/ Bereket Chemistry